Current Alerts: Stay Informed to Stay Protected



ATM Skimming Detected at Resource Bank

Covington, LA (January 29, 2015) - As part of an ongoing investigation, Resource Bank has detected unauthorized activity on a limited number of customer debit cards. Affected accounts have already been personally notified and reimbursed. Resource Bank customers will not incur any losses related to this fraud scheme.

It is also important to mention this is not a breach of Resource Bank internal systems. Skimming captures debit card numbers via an external device attached to scanners and does not compromise account information. Working closely with local law enforcement, Resource Bank is carefully monitoring all ATM transactions for further fraud attempts. The bank has already put additional security measures in place for the safety and security of our valued customers.

 The bank encourages customers to monitor debit card activity and to carefully examine any device before completing a transaction. In the event unauthorized activity related to this scheme is detected on an account, Resource Bank will promptly contact affected parties and proceed to protect from further fraud attempts.

 Customers noticing any unusual activity should contact their account officer or Resource Bank Customer Support at (985)801-0150. Download the statement here.




4/26/2013 as of 10am


Phone and Text Scams related to Card Information

Resource Bank has received notification of the following card scams that have taken place at other Financial Institutions.

1.   Consumers are reporting receiving calls concerning their debit cards. This has been an automated phone call appearing to be from the Louisiana Debit Card Protection Group. The customer is asked to provide their card number, expiration date and card verification code (CVC)  security code on back.

2.   Consumers are reporting receiving a text message stating that their Visa card has been suspended. The customer is asked to click on a web link within the text message. Do NOT click on this link.

Fraudsters are doing everything that they can to collect customer information to benefit themselves. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give Resource Bank Technology a call: 985-801-0150